Virtual switches and App Design

Aesthetically, the app grows more and more ugly with Smartapps being replaced with virtual switches and buttons and god knows what else, users are left with multiple virtual devices that in reality should not be seen

Yes you can put all your workaround switches in a room but it is just an ugly way to do things

Rooms were created to reflect your living space not for holding parts of automations

Its just ugly and wrong

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100% agree with this.
Virtual switches are amazing and I’m forever grateful for the amazing community here creating them, but the workarounds you have to do to get things working the way you want is ridiculous. I genuinely lose track sometimes of all the things I have going on within ST and Alexa to have things functioning. But it works. :slight_smile:

That was a big gripe right from the 1st version of this new look, the old app you had complete control over every aspect, from favorites on the home page to a favorite device at the top of a room, each device showed EVERY automation it was connected too and your home was easy to control and understand even down to Echo integration by device

The present design works but going back months later to resolve an issue with something that was tricky to start with is almost impossible… which automation is it in, is Smart lighting controling it, which virtual tile, what was the condition within a tile, is Echo involved ???

It works but maintenance is complex

Samsung have shoe horned everything into a tight space due to there idea that the oneUI should be coherent across different apps… Smart homes really dont fit a constrictive space and the ST app of today is a shining example of how not to design a Smart home app

And then theres Matter… if Matter devices can be controled easily by other other apps which no doubt will come along… Smartthings the app may become just another Nokia

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My gripe with the app is that it doesn’t just do things it needs to. Most of what it does could be performed in the cloud on a website much more effectively, though someone would be paying the bill for the servers. There are things it needs to do like being a presence sensor, integrating paired Bluetooth devices and some local control. It doesn’t need to locally implement the dashboard and edit routines and scenes.

The scary thing is that the dreadful Google Home preview seems to be copying the app UI. Including such strange concepts as not only having favourites pages but forcing you to create favourites just to get their crap off of them. If something is important enough to be a favourite, why on earth am I expected to open the app to get to it?


Gota be careful here Graham or JD will put us in a
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I blame Graham