Virtual switch with separate on/off controls?

I have several Smart Life devices which generate a device ON and device OFF switch. So to turn the device on you switch the ON device on and then back to the off state, or to turn it off you do the same with the OFF device (turning it on and then back off).

I am currently using a standard virtual switch and several routines to do the automation, but was wondering if there’s a virtual switch which could be used to toggle the device to make it act like a regular switch. So when you turn it on it would do the toggle of the ON device and then when you turn it off it would do the same for the OFF device switch.

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You do the toggle the Tuya on/off scenes in your to routines. See the 2 screen shots in the following link:

Thanks for the input. That’s exactly how I have it configured, but was hoping there was a virtual switch edge device which could toggle the switches without using routines. Oh well, it works so I will leave it but really wish ST would add some organization (grouping) for routines.