Virtual Switch / Reminder

Looking for some help here in setting up a Virtual Switch that will be used as a reminder to pick up the mail from the box down the street.

Possible usage example: I retrieve the mail from the mailbox, push the virtual button in ST. Virtual Switch begins to track how long it has been since I last pressed the button. After a predetermined amount of time, say 2 or 3 days, if the button is not pushed, I get a notification that I haven’t picked up the mail. Each subsequent day, a notification will be sent, reminding me.

Can anyone think of an existing integration that can be used to solve this problem?

I appreciate the help

Yes, you can use Webcore. It’s a rule engine and very popular and powerful around here. Just do a search on this forum. There’s even a separate forum for it.

Could just setup a cron like task in webcore to send you a message every day or whatever day or schedule you want as a reminder. This could be done in many ways, SmartThings not needed.