Virtual Switch created - how to attach 3 smart lights in hallway? Stumped

I have searched for days to try and answer this and I cant believe no one has explained it or I am not finding what I need.

I have created a virtual (on/off) switch. I can see this under My Home and “things”.

How do I set that switch to be able to turn off and on my three hallway lights?

Am so stumped.

I’ve also set this up in IFTTT to allow Alexa to do this. If I ask Alexa to say “Alexa trigger hall lights on” I want them to turn on.

Any help is much appreciated.

If and only if the cloud is up.

For the virtual switch, in your phone app, you install smartapp named “Smart Lighting”. That can use your virtual switch as input.

For Alexa, in your phone app, you must install smartapp “Amazon Echo”, AND configure the smartapp, then go to Alexa and say “discover devices” .

I use Dim With Me. Written by @twack

This allows me to use a virtual dimmer and control multiple lights. Should work for you unless I’ve missed something:

I don’t know why SmartThings doesn’t provide any instruction for this. It’s very doable, but it’s not at all intuitive. Fortunately, the community-created wiki has an article on how to group lights that should help. :sunglasses:


Very helpful. Thanks!!

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Give this a read too, it creates a group of lights that you can share with Alexa and control directly instead of through a virtual switch.