Virtual Presence Broken?

So I have been using this virtual presence with no issues for a few months and now, but for the past few days is been very capricious. The state of the presence gets out of sync. The last state shows as “not present”, yet the current state shows as present:

@slagle, @jody.albritton …any thoughts?

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Yes, mine is the same

My virtual presence has been working perfectly this week. So it does not seem to be system-wide.

A valid question would be: what third-party processes are you using, if any? And if you remove them from the scene, do the presences continue to not work??

I assume you mean something like IFTTT?


That’s good to know that is not a platform wide issue, but as you might know, issues are sometimes regional based. The fact that yours works, it doesn’t mean that everyone else’s should too. I am not using any external means to handle the presence and have not made any changes to my set up recently. :smile: Based on your input, it is hope that it was a fluke or let’s hope the issue will not reach your device. 50/50 chances that one or the other will happen. :smile:

I use an arrival sensor and my wife uses the Life360 integration. It has been working good for me this week. BUT, I did remove everything and start from scratch over the weekend.

SBDOB - agreed. I did not mean to imply that at all. I just know that everyone, including the ST team, looks at this forum… a bit of info like what I provided might help them narrow things down.

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…and it was a fluke, it worked just fine today!

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Just curious, what do you use virtual presence for? Never knew what this was used for.


For the same reasons you’d use a more conventional presence sensor but for people who don’t have a fob or don’t want to install additional apps on their phones. In my case, my teenager, but others use it for babysitters, contractors, etc.

Thanks, I was more confused as to how it’s implemented. What triggers it?


A combination of motion sensors, specific light switches, locks, certain time frames that identify the person.

That makes sense…thanks!

I use my virtual presence to unlock my front door and turn on the porch light when I come home. Idea being that if I have an armload of groceries, or if it’s raining or something, I don’t have to fumble with the entry codes; I can just walk right in.