Virtual Humidity Sensor that works with Webcore?

I have a raspberry pi with a dht11 sensor that delivers it’s temp and humidity values into decimal variables in we core. I have a virtual temp sensor that gives me a decimal reading of the temp using the setTemperature webcore command. However, I have no way to get the humidity into smartthings. I need a virtual or simulated humidity sensor that works with webCore, and preferably works with the new connect app and has decimal readings. If it could have both temperature and humidity in one device, that would be great!

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies :grin:.


I use this.

It very good, I don’t know if it works also with humidity but with temperature it’s just right.
I use it with webcore and pass it as a virtual thermometer in ST app

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@Sterian_Vlad This doesn’t have humidity. I already have a virtual temp sensor set up… perhaps I could know a couple of people active on the community that could code groovy? I’m surprised that it hasn’t been made yet…

I tried coding in groovy but it is incredibly hard for someone who has never coded in groovy…

I wrote a dth myself so the issue is fixed.