Virtual dimmer (or other method) to control multiple real dimmers

My kitchen lighting includes 3 sets of between 1 and 5 can lights.

I’ve set up a virtual switch and a routine that can turn them on and off to a preset level.

Is it possible to create a virtual dimmer or something else so I can control the dim level of all 3 sets as a group? Goal would be to enable Alexa to switch on all 3 sets to a commanded level just as I can for a single real dimmer.

I looked at virtual dimmer but it wasn’t obvious to me how (or if it’s possible) to pass the dim level on to several real dimmers.

You could use the Smart Lights mirror function. Use one in each set as the “master” and the others to mirror it.

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Cool! I saw that in Smart Lighting but didn’t look into what it did.

Perfect! I can have the real switches mirror the virtual one so that they’re each still controllable alone.

Looks like I can eliminate some Routines that I use with virtual switches by using this as well.

Thanks, Jimmy @Automated_House

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