Virtual Device- Timer

I feel like this shouldn’t be that hard but I am struggling with it right now. How can i create a virtual device thats a Timer? Essentially I want a timer that starts when everyone leaves then I want to write a couple of smart apps that do different things based on the elapsed time. Any hints would be great.

There are probably several ways to do this, but here’s one: Use “Everyone Leaves” with the Goodbye! Hello Home action. That lets you set a delay time before any action is taken. What I do then is turn on a virtual switch, that fires an app to do something (in my case notifies me if I left a garage door open). That app could in turn fire some other action after some period of time, if you need more than one time interval after departure.

Thanks @bravenel . One reason i wanted the device type is I wanted the ability to have tile with an hour count. My exact use case is knowing how long the dog has been home alone. I sometimes work from home or leave at random times. On those days I do venture out the GF needs to know how long the dog has been home alone so she can decide what train to take home. Even better start sending notifications at the 6 hour mark. She doesn’t really pay that much attention to the notifications so having a tile with hour counts would be great. Hope that makes sense.