Virtual device that read web-service feed

Hi everyone, I’m new in here.

i have a web service (without auth) e.g:
which will return xml data (for example: 10)

so what i’m trying to build here is:
i would like to build a listener to this feed and interact with the physical sensors that i have. (for example: when the currency type reach above 14 then turn on the light or play sound)

is this something that smartthings platform can do? if yes, then what is the best approach for this?

initially i was thinking to build a “virtual device” that able to listen to the feed - so this virtual device will be appear as a ‘thing’ in the app with value on it, so then i can relate this virtual device with physical device using a smart app.
but however, i can’t see if i could build a virtual device and listed in the “add things” menu from mobile device.
so i’m not sure if this can be done.

or maybe any other better approach for this?

thank you in advance