Virtual Device Manager?

Question here.

I recently picked up the Logitech Pop system, and have 3 buttons around the house. But it drives me crazy that they are not devices in SmartThings. So I figured I would just create some virtual devices and just have Logitech control those instead and then set up routines/rules/pistons from there. I want to create devices for different buttons and click types, etc.

I found the Virtual Device Manager app, but it’s code hasn’t been touched in a year and with how things get updated and etc, I wanted to see if this app was still the go to app for what I want to do…

I understand that I could just create the virtual devices in the IDE, but I like the convenience of having the SmartApp. I use TrendSetter quite often…I was actually hoping I could use that to create a device with no slaves, but you can’t.

I use this app still. Works great for me. The only thing you have to remember is that if you want to delete the device, do it through the parent app.

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