Virtual Device Manager - Create Virtual Devices Without the IDE

Sorry. I don’t have any android devices to test with. It’s a shame that supposedly valid code works on one platform but not another. I’d be happy to accept a PR if anyone knows the secret handshake for Android, though.

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Getting error =Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Metadata definition not found
when trying to install the Momentary Switch Template.

Thoughts on how to fix this?

thanks in advance


Sounds like you’re trying to install it as a SmartApp. It is a device type.

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I’m getting the same error when I attemp to create either one. I’m thinking I may be in the wrong place because I can’t find the tab names you describe. I am trying to use “My Device Handlers” rather than “My Device Types”. I running “”.

@smashim, @Sorapp: Well, I’ll be.

Looks like the code for that device in the IDE was changed to something that doesn’t work. I’ve asked the powers that be what’s up and will let you know as soon as I hear back.

@smashim, @Sorapp

The templates in the IDE for those two device types have been corrupted. Below are links to the correct versions of the files in the SmartThings GitHub repository. You can follow the same instructions but instead of “From Template”, you’ll pick “From Code” and then copy/paste the code into the IDE.


OK - I will give these a try tonight and see what happens.


That worked so thanks. Now on to test the rest!

I can now create New Virtual Switch using the VDM Smartapp ( IOS smartphone) but I am only able to assign the “Device Label” and then select NEXT to select Momentary or ON/OFF Device Type. Once I select DONE it creates the tile button but does not allow me to assign this new switch to an actual device.
What am I missing?

That’s all it’s supposed to do. Lots of other SmartApps use virtual switches for things. This SmartApp was created so that you could create those switches without having to go through the IDE.

What’s your end goal? I’m sure we can get you pointed in the right direction.

So my Noob is showing. Ultimately I wanted this function to be able to execute “do” an action assigned. A direct action or maybe a macro to do mutiple actions.
Can you recommend a simple rules based smartapp that would take advantage of this virtual switch?
Something like SmartRules etc?

SmartRules is a great choice and has an easy to use UI but is not free. Rule Machine (see Jamie’s link above) is configured within the SmartThings mobile app and therefore is a bit more restricted UI-wise, but will also get the job done and is free.

Both authors (@obycode for SmartRules and @bravenel for Rule Machine) are very active in the SmartThings user/developer communities, so they are both excellent choices in my opinion.