Virtual Device Feature Request

I would love to have a virtual clock that would allow you to set a time and then have web core act on it. For example, it would be great to set my wake up time from action tiles and have all my start of day routine act on it. Been searching for the past couple of hours and the only thing I found was a request from 8 years ago. The virtual switches currently implemented work great, especially when integrating with Alexa and Google home, but it would be sooooo nice to do be able to setup some variables from action tiles. It would be equally nice have a virtual device to put in an integer value with a slider. If we had that we could pretty much design any application we needed to without having to go the Smartapp route.

Create a virtual switch. Expose ths virtual switch on Alexa. You can trigger a device based on ‘stops an alarm’ . :wink:

I think you can see where you can go from there.