Virtual Device Editing


I have created a virtual device using “Simulated Garage Door Opener”. Now I need to edit it. I’m being told to go to device types and then I can edit the virtual device.

I can not find “device types” anywhere… I am logged in to SmartThings Groovy IDE. I see “my devices” but I can’t edit the virtual device there… I need to change the delay in the Simulated Garage Door Opener.

Can someone tell me how/where to get to it?



The FAQ on custom code should help. (This is a clickable link)

I apologize, I still don’t see where this tells me how to edit the virtual device type. All I can do under My Devices is change the device type to something else…

I have already developed the virtual device. I need to edit the device type and save it with a different name. I want to change the delay in the simulated garage door opener and I can not figure out how.

From the FAQ:

(Note: the official terminology has changed a couple of times. “device type handler,” “device handler,” “DTH,” and “device type” all mean the same thing, and you will find all these terms used in the forums.)

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OK. I have been there… I guess my next question is how to I access the “Simulated Garage Door Opener” to change the delay time? There are only three handlers listed. One for a button, one for motion sensor, and the other for webCoRE.

I’m obviously still lost… I feel like this is a simple task and I’m missing something.

  1. Go to “my device handlers”

  2. Choose “create a new device handler”

  3. Choose “from example”

  4. Then choose the simulated garage door handler from the drop-down and its code will be copied into the code block on the right. You can then edit it and save it as a new name.

Thank you! Now it makes sense. I appreciate you help and patience!



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