Virtual Device Creator 2?

This may seem like a dumb question but I am confused.
I have a number of virtual devices created with Virtual Device Creator. Will these continue to work as SmartThings goes through its update and removes Groovy IDE? Or do I need to replace them all with vEdge Creator?

I don’t want to start any community beef with @TAustin but I’d go with my virtual devices driver :slight_smile:

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Thanks, your virtual hub looks like a good idea. But my question really was do I have to replace all my old virtual switches etc with edge based ones or will they continue to work when ST has finished its migration?

I have seen an edge version of those in the ST set of drivers for the rollout. I believe they will be converted over, but that’s not official coming from me. I’ve just seen them in the code. If it were me, I’d wait and see, knowing you have multiple solutions for virtual switches and other virtual devices.

That sounds like good advice. Thanks for your help.
But I am still nervous about my house suddenly not working and panicking to convert them all at the last minute!

It’s incredibly frustrating for many of us, but smartthings have still not put out an official response as to what will happen with virtual devices. :confounded:

Right now there are five ways to create virtual devices.

  1. using the virtual device creator wizard in the smartthings app on android devices. (It’s not available on iOS devices.)

  2. use the groovy stock device type in the IDE.

  3. use a custom groovy DTH through the IDE.

  4. use a custom edge driver.

  5. use @lmullineux ’s simple device viewer to created a cloud-based virtual switch on the new architecture. Unfortunately, these can’t trigger an Alexa routine, but if you just want a simple virtual switch, maybe to proxy something else, it’s a good option that will work even after groovy goes away. Or if you need one of the other kind of cloud-based virtual devices available through this method.

Right now, the main method that we know will work after groovy goes away is option 4, custom edge drivers. There are several of these. All of them seem to be good so far, each has different features. And there is also option five, which doesn’t require a hub. You can find them by checking the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and looking for the list for virtual devices. :sunglasses:

But what if you created your virtual device on the old platform? The answer is we have no idea what’s going to happen with these. :thinking: Although the question has been formally asked many times. We don’t know if they will be transitioned or abandoned. We don’t know what will happen to routines that use them.

We do know that staff members have asked people who raised the issue if they created the virtual device through the wizard in the SmartThings app or through the IDE, but then there was never a follow up response to say what difference that might make.

We also know that under the old architecture, you could create virtual switches whether you had a smartthings/aeotec hub or not, and quite a few people did. But edge drivers only work if you do have a hub.

The question has been specifically asked whether after groovy goes away there will be a method for people who don’t have a hub to create virtual devices, but again, no answer yet.

As @Paul_Oliver notes below, @lmullineux recently added A virtual device which is cloud-based, so you won’t need a hub. But you also can’t use it as both a switch and a sensor so you can trigger an Alexa routine. (This is what people mean when they say “Alexa switch”— A dual capability device.)

So if you do have a hub, the safest thing right now is to replace any virtual devices you have with method 4, choosing one of the edge drivers for virtual devices. But that could be a lot of work and you might not need to do it – – we just don’t know yet! And that option is not available to those who don’t have a hub.

I myself have been asking this question formally for almost a year now. I don’t understand why there isn’t yet an answer, so if I’ve just missed one, I hope someone will post it. But so far I haven’t seen it.

The End of Groovy Has Arrived

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JD, you can create cloud based Virtual Devices using the New Architecture using @lmullineux “Virtual Device Viewer”. The only thing missing is an Alexa Switch. Once you set it up it is very easy to use.

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Yeah, unfortunately it’s the Alexa switch version I need. but I’ll look into it, thanks!

edited to update: definitely cool. I’ll edit my post above.

Agreed, I also need a couple cloud based Alexa Switches.

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To be crystal clear - these are not my virtual devices.

All I have done is built a web front end on the ‘virtualdevices’ section of the CLI, because i know to some users the idea of the CLI is a little intimidating.

The devices themselves, their usage and capability is all down to the smartthings team.

@JDRoberts you made a comment above that they are only switches possible, actually there is a full list of devices available

And @orangebucket detailed how to set their values here Smartthings CLI - Create Virtual Device - #16 by orangebucket


Thanks for the correction, I have updated my post above. :sunglasses:

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