Viper Smart Start integration with garage door(s)

Does anyone have an idea how I could integrate my Viper Smart Start car starter to automatically open up my garage door when I hit the “start” button on my smart phone (through the Viper App)?


Maybe using Automatic and ifttt?
Create a rule that if you are home and the car starts turn on a virtual toggle.
That switch then in turns opens your garage door.
You may have to build the rule using SmartRules.

On a side note, does starting your car through siri work pretty well with the updated software for the Viper Smart Alarm?

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Hi thanks for the response … I’m all fairly new to this stuff and I am still reading and researching but I’m positive I’m gonna start with Smart Things hub and pieces as well as Lifx bulbs. I actually haven’t gotten the Viper starter yet, that’s happening this October 30th … Excited to experiment with it. Thanks for your info!!