Viewing Aotec cam on Samsung smart TV turns all my lights on and set the siren off


I’m using a V3 hub, a Samsung QE65Q60AAXXU and a 360 Aotec camera. When i try to view the camera on ny TV via the Smartthing app on the TV, all of my lights come on and the siren goes off.

There is no automation i have that is doing that, so how come this happens?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi, @kencol78
Have you reported this to Customer Support?
You can contact them by following any of these paths:

Through the SmartThings Web page

  1. Enter this page
  2. Click on “Support” in the upper-right corner
  3. Check if the URL includes your region. For example, en-us here:
  4. At the bottom, select “email” and describe your issue as detailed as possible.
  5. Click on “submit”

From the ST app

  1. Open the SmartThings app
  2. Go to the menu tab at the bottom-right corner.
  3. On this page, select the option “contact us” and then go to “Report a problem”
  4. Accept the generation of logs, fill up the form describing your issue as detailed as possible, and screen captures of the issue always help.
  5. Click on “submit”. The Customer team will receive this info.

Via email

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

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