Video Based Presence Detection

Came across this today. Looks like the holy grail of video based presence detection. Hopefully they will get a consumer ready version of this out fairly quickly. Any thoughts on how to build this today?

I have a Mobotix Q25 camera and know it is very customizable to perform a lot of these tasks. It allows you to connect external sensors and/or operate switches of external devices (You need a separate IO-Box to connect to the camera which I don’t have to try out). Its also has video analytics software baked in that can give you heat-maps of where people move around spaces, counts number people through doors, etc. This is all setup and managed with the free Mobotix software.

It would allow you to perform many of the examples provided in the article you shared. So for example you could connect a luminance sensor to the IO-Box and create a rule in the camera that if light dropped below certain level it would trigger camera on. You could connect a door sensor to it and create a trigger. Another example, you could create a specific ‘window’ and if motion was sensed turn on lights (you can setup unlimited ‘windows’ to track motion on these cameras and create different rules for each… so one rule may watch doorway for motion while another may watch to see if area near mailbox had motion).

Honestly now that I have SmartThings I haven’t thought about using the camera to create any of these ‘rules’. Most of these can be performed with zwave devices I now have connected and I just use the camera for video security. Also Mobotix sensors and devices would need to be wired which takes away from some of the flexibility I have with the SmartThings setup.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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Yeah. I have several foscams that do some of these things. The innovative part of the article was that it does not do image processing in the cloud, it does signal/data processing locally. It’s only using video as a data origin. This would be better for privacy and the detection is a lot more specific than just motion. They are detecting people, gestures, distances between objects etc.

Mobotix Cameras also do processing locally. For video It has Micro SD card built in for recording video and option to also simultaneously send to cloud (I currently have event only recording on Micro SD card and sending continuous recording to NAS)