VID for Signal Strength?

Anyone know of a vid in the meta data that will display the signal strength capability in the new app?

In github, all of the device handlers with this capability seem to have the tiles commented out.

Interestingly, ocfDeviceType: “”, vid:“generic-fan” shows the signal strength in the new app.

Cool. Do you have an example or link? I’d like to know the event name for the strength values.

The fanspeed and dimmer (level) are missing in your screenshot. Do you have them in your code?

It’s just a tasmota on/off switch, but I wanted it to have the fan icon.

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Awesome discovery! Yes. It works (this is sonoff ifan, I’ll try on other Tasmota devices).

I’ve not found any other VID or ocfDevkcetype combination that displays the signal strength in the new app.

Can you share your Device Handler for the iFan? I don’t have one, but I’ve been thinking about getting one.

The “signal strength” works for other vid (e.g. generic switch) too. Have to delete & add device for it to show up in new app.

Yes. I’ll do a release for Tasmoto devices (SmartApp + DTH) soon. I’m waiting for a few more devices to arrive (stuck in China) to test and refactor the codes.

This comes with real-time status updates (no need for MQTT); purely Tasmota & ST integration + other features…

Look forward to checking it. Would love a PM when you do.

I’m happy to try out different devices for you. I have many tasmota plugs, switches and bulbs.