Vice: Buggy Future of the Internet of Things

Thought I would share.This really puts into perspective how deplorable the state of IoT really is, and how far SmartThings has gone already!

@Kristopher & @tgauchat you may like this article.

“In some ways, that connected future will be wonderful. We’ll be able to turn off the lights of our house by tapping on our smartphone screen, and have our fridges tell us if we need milk. But as traditional appliances start relying on software, they’all also get software bugs. And those bugs might be exploited by hackers, unless the manufacturers fix them.”


And to go with that

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Perhaps I’m naive, but I’m less worried about “hackers” causing smart home problems, than the general lack of quality controls and operations discipline of the Vendor … which is what the article implies.

But the example of Appliances is a good one (particularly since Samsung is a major home appliance manufacturer…).

A friend experienced this when he was about to start roasting his Thanksgiving turkey:

That’s just incredibly stupid. Man has been using ovens for thousands of years … a pit filled with hot rocks, or a spring-loaded thermostat. For an oven to be completely unusable due to software error is very worrisome. And, yes, hackers that just want to be malicious could certain have a new form of “Denial of Service” attack – the “Denial of Turkey Attack”!

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Lol. Someone has to go create some beter infrastructure for IOT.