Very frustrated with device removal


I no longer have my Firephone as a device for presence indicator. Trying to remove the device, I simply get this error message.
“Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards”.
One by one, I look at all my smartapps and dashboards and try to remove one by one but still getting this error. Now my setup is in a case where I try to delete whatever I can delete so I will start all over again. But lo and behold, there are still half of my devices that I can’t delete because of that same message. I try to create new location but can’t delete the old location. Very frustrating, how do I start all over and force to delete everything.



I had the same problem. It’s because you assigned simulations to it in the IDE. Little drop down to the right where you can select home and etc


At least thats what it sounds like and is what my problem was with that error.