Very excited at taking the leap

After lurking for a while, I now have a Kwikset lever lock and a Know and Control Your Home Kit on their way. I have no idea what I’m going to do with everything - except that I have declared to my family…

“It’s 2014. I don’t have my flying car promised by Popular Mechanics when I was growing up. So, instead, I’m done with keys.”

That’s all I have so far, though. :frowning: I have two Nests, so I look forward to future full integration. Other than that, the majority of our lights are recessed or hanging, so not sure what else I’m going to do without swapping out our many, many switches.

But, our journey has begun…


Welcome. We just added the Aeon Labs Minimote to my household and it has been met with great enthusiasm from my wife. It is sort of expensive for what it is at $60, but I can tell you, the look on my wife’s face when I told her should could now put the house into Good Night Mode, trigger the outside lights, turn on/off the Sonos speakers, and even trigger a siren without opening an app on her phone.

Keep us up to date on your progress!

Yep, If I get a bunch of switches in place, a few Minimotes around the house will probably be warranted. Also, I think having local control over some lamps, like in this post…

…will be useful in the master bedroom beside the bed and in the guest room. We always have the issue that the lights controlled by the switch in the guest room are off and you can’t see when you go in.

Personally, I would love to add some zwave shades in the master bedroom. Very cool and convenient…but very expensive. :frowning:

Hi Brian, I took the leap 6 months ago and now have 57 ‘Things’ connected to the hub (that include cameras, a lock, nest thermostat, nest protect, switches, TCP lights, Hue Bulbs, Sonos, leak detectors, aeon labs multi sensors, smarthings multi, presence sensors and wemo). My wife loves the minimote too, we use it to trigger actions for morning, afternoon, evening and night modes. We are very happy with SmartThings.


So, also ordered a Everspring Z-Wave Water/Flood Sensor. Does the sensor transmit a notification when the water event is no longer in effect? I want to use this to start a pump and when the water level goes below a certain threshold I want it to cut power to the SmartThings outlet I’m using for it so the pump doesn’t burn out.

I believe it can, yes.


Yes it does because I have the Fortrezz Siren go off when mine senses moisture. It shuts off once dry.

However, in your case, it will take some time for the sensor to “dry”. You may want to use a sump pump with a float switch instead.

The pump actually has a cut-off and sensor built in. This is a “backup” to that in case it fails. Also, this is for a stairwell drain outside that is currently clocked and will take a lot of money to repair (temp solution). I’m going to place the sensor at a certain height to compensate for the drying as well. I think I’ll do some empirical testing to see how long, on average, it takes to dry! :smile: