Very cheap cameras just released in UK

Some of you may have heard of these guys before but not bought anything because you need their insurance to get the kit, but now Neos have started selling their new cameras without the need for a policy -

£19.99 for an indoor camera with 14 days of cloud storage? Sold!

I’ve already got one with my Neos policy, and ordered a few more. I’ve asked them a few times about SmartThings support but didn’t get a clear answer. Either way, seems like the cheapest way to do indoor cameras right now.

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That looks just like a Wyze Cam in the USA. $19.99 USD here for the same 14 days of cloud storage.

Yeah it’s identical hardware. Been discussed quite a bit over in this thread : Neos Insurance and Smartthings

Software is different though - seems like a totally different app. Don’t think you could add one to Wyze account or vice versa, although admittedly I’ve never tried.

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A lot of Chinese-made cameras use that same case, but different firmware and features. I think iSmartAlarm’s Spot was the first made widely available outside of China, but there are at least half a dozen.



They look ok from first view.
Are you able to access a rstp stream ?
Or are they locked in , if so I might as well stick to the small Yi cameras on Amazon.

Officially, no you can’t get an RTSP stream - you have to use their app (which does all the storage in the cloud.) The shop suggests there’s local recording support via an SD card but I’ve not tried it.

However, check this out -

Given the hardware is probably the same, I’d imagine you can flash the device with different firmware in the same way you can with Wyze. Not tried it yet as I only have one device and don’t fancy bricking it or anything. Now I can buy more on the cheap, it’s on my list of things to experiment with.


It looks like an exact copy of the Wyze functionality (i have a couple of them) Cool…!!
One extra app feature though - the “Auto-Arming” function based on GPS looks slick…! :thinking: :sunglasses:

Yeah the auto-arming actually works pretty well - sometimes it gets it wrong but it saves me getting loads of notifications while someone is home.

The whole 12 second clip/5 min cooldown isn’t ideal, but it’s better than nothing! Plus it’s free :man_shrugging:

Did you manage to get a reply regarding Smartthings integration for these Neos smart cams @stooshie45?

Nah sorry, I never really got a final response. I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon.

And anyway, I’ve since switched to Unifi Protect so ditched these Neos Cameras completely. They’re cheap, but not really effective as a ‘serious’ security solution.

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