Verv Release - Energy Reporting tool

This recently released:

It looks very interesting anyone looked at it?

Looks interesting for control freeks, yet I don’t really see how useful it can be.

What good does it do to know how much your coffee machine is costing you every month?

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Yeah I see your point. Probably not for you.

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My electric bill went from $500/month to $120/month because of just this. I was surprised to see all of the energy I was wasting on stuff like leaving the iron plugged in and relying on auto off…Mini fridge on super cool when nothing was in it. Home entertainment devices. Electric Heaters and yes coffee makers!

To each its own but I am sooo into monitoring energy use as we all should be doing as Humans.

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Which system do you use?

My belief is that it whole home energy monitoring is really only needed once… Or perhaps once every 6 months.

Once a family is aware of their high-usage devices and/or bad habits, they should correct them and no longer need monitoring.

But then again, I guess habits aren’t easily changed.

My partner leaves the coffee machine hotplate on until it shuts off automatically; but I turn it off as soon as I wall into the kitchen and see it on. Neither of us need, nor want, a home energy monitor telling us what’s obvious. :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:.

I started off using an old fashion P3 P4400 kWh meter and a spreadsheet. This let me know what items were pulling the most watts and then I added Iris Smart Plugs to the ones that I could automate. I use webCoRE for custom rules for each device.

Space Heaters, mini fridge, HVAC, Iron, Coffee Maker, PCs, Sub Woofers, TVs, AVRs, Dryer, were all adding up the kWhs! Yeesh, it was unbelievable. I pulled up an old spreadsheet when I first started off. Don’t know where the rest of the stuff went but here’s an idea.

Rate R18 $0.121919
Device Watts Hours On kWh/Day Cost/Day kWh/Month Cost/Month kWh/Year Cost/Year
Study Mixer 13 24 0.312 $0.04 9.4965 $1.16 113.958 $13.89
Refridgerator 149 24 3.576 $0.44 108.8445 $13.27 1306.134 $159.24
Wine Cooler 85 24 2.04 $0.25 62.0925 $7.57 745.11 $90.84
Small Space Heater 950 8 7.6 $0.93 231.325 $28.20 2775.9 $338.43
Big Space Heater 1400 8 11.2 $1.37 340.9 $41.56 4090.8 $498.75
Dryer 350 2 0.7 $0.09 21.30625 $2.60 255.675 $31.17
Washer 150 2 0.3 $0.04 9.13125 $1.11 109.575 $13.36
Study PC 85 4 0.34 $0.04 10.34875 $1.26 124.185 $15.14
Study Speakers 30 4 0.12 $0.01 3.6525 $0.45 43.83 $5.34
Printer 4 24 0.096 $0.01 2.922 $0.36 35.064 $4.27
Study Chair (Standby) 12 24 0.288 $0.04 8.766 $1.07 105.192 $12.82
Study Char On 75 4 0.3 $0.04 9.13125 $1.11 109.575 $13.36
Study TV 235 4 0.94 $0.11 28.61125 $3.49 343.335 $41.86
Study AVR 125 4 0.5 $0.06 15.21875 $1.86 182.625 $22.27
Study Subwoofer 50 4 0.2 $0.02 6.0875 $0.74 73.05 $8.91
Humidifier 30 24 0.72 $0.09 21.915 $2.67 262.98 $32.06
Fire 7 Tablet 6 24 0.144 $0.02 4.383 $0.53 52.596 $6.41

My family gives Zero F###! They think money grows on trees. Lights, Fans or whatever, you name it! I have over 40 light switches alone that they just love to keep on.

SmartThings, despite it’s hiccups, have been instrumental in me saving money. The irony though, is that the buy pack period is probably more than 5 years away!

But I must say, ActionTiles has taken the coolness to a whole-nother level!


A lot of our Customers love, love, love our Power & Energy Tiles because they give an instant view of high usage outlets and/or HEMs (home energy meters).

Nearly all of the “pocket sockets” report current power draw. We have an open Feature Request for these Tiles to change to alert colors if the draw is over a certain level. In the meantime, I bet a clever WebCoRE Piston could be created to flip a Virtual Switch (or any Virtual Sensor) if power draw exceeds a certain amount for a specified duration!

One incredible fact that continues to flabbergast me us that over 85% of all SmartThings Events are power or energy value updates! The sockets are configured to report far too frequently… :confounded:.

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I have been paying attention myself for many years, my bill is about $80 a month, we have the most expensive electricity in the country and we cook electric. But I see it can be useful for people who have been used to wasting energy and did not know how to fix it themselves then.