Version 2.7.1 what are "so hero tiles"?

The release notes for 2.7.1, second item
– fix so hero tiles in rooms show the slider and color picker.

What the heck?

Hero Tiles are the single “big” Tile (Thing) at the top of each Room (A list of Things).


Haha, OK not it’s readable… Thanks

Is this iOS only? I don’t see them in the Android app, but I’ve seen them in screenshots.

Edit: Nevermind. The star in room settings makes a device a hero. :grin:

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I think you have to go into room settings and select the star next to the device in order for it to be displayed as a “hero tile”


I had the same question. I guess I refer to them as favorites.

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Thirty plus years in the IT industry but obviously not in Web design, lol. I had no idea.

My calling them favorites comes from how you select which is to be the ‘hero’ tile. Usually clicking a star icon sets a ‘favorite.’ All semantics I know.

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Same here 30+ years but had not idea what this term meant. I think we are just getting old :wink:


Well, I’ll be damned! Just tried it for the first time…

What is the use/demand for this feature? Just ordering the list within the room seems Plenty Good Enough.

  1. It’s flashy. UI designer needed to earn his keep.

  2. It’s direct access to a rich Tile without drill down into a Things sub-tiles (ie, dimmer control, video feed, etc, etc).

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Weird part is I tend to ignore my “Hero” tile because it’s different. So I scan the room looking for my missing device then I remember it’s the HUGE one on the top HAHA


I use it to display the IP camera for a room if I have one in there(ie garage).

This way, I can select the garage room, and quickly see if there is an obstacle before closing the garage remotely. Or, if the front door is standing wide open before I lock it…

Also, for trendsetter, I use it to display the group light at the top, and all the sub lights in the group below it.