VeraSecure and Smarthings

Background: I am new to the smart home world. I am close on my first home in the coming months, and along with a phased renovation, I plan to build it into a “smart home.” One issue is that the home is in a rural area, while it has reliable internet, it isn’t going to be as high of bandwidth as is available in town. I don’t want to bog it down with background processes

I have read about hubs that operate locally vs. Cloud based. I am not real comfortable having what I would call critical processes (thermostat, door locks, lights, etc) being internet dependant. Now, entertainment, appliances and other “luxury” processes, I have no issue with them being cloud based. I have read that ST has integrated more local processing, but I do not know what the limits are on that.

I have been picking up pieces that I will use, amazon Alexa devices, Bose soundtouch devices, etc.

My questions:

Am I correct in my concerns of cloud based processing in this situation?
Would Vera and ST work together?
As I understand it one would need go be primary and the other secondary, would work ST as a secondary to Vera? Would that be the best set up?
Am I going in the right direction with this, or would I be better of going in another?

Any advice or information on this is very much appreciated.

You are correct that with ST some things run locally and some run in the cloud. That being said, you should NOT rely on ST for anything you deem critical, whether that thing runs locally or in the cloud.

For example, if you want an alarm system and deem that critical, get a separate alarm system or the ADT ST hub. I understand that the alarm functions of the ADT hub (I don’t have one) run separately and are reliable. Others can weigh in on this.

If, on the other hand, you want an “alarm” system that will likely let you know when doors are opened or motion sensors are set off, and you don’t mind the occasional false alert, notification drop or notification delay, ST may work for that.

For a thermostat, I’d recommend something like the Honeywell Connect series that can be managed on their own but can be blended into ST as well. One of the thermostats uses it’s own receiver instead of relying on WiFi. However, while the thermostat will function locally, access to it is cloud based regardless of how you implement it.


I don’t think you need to worry about bandwidth use by most smart home devices, except maybe IP cameras?

Even if your internet connection is solid though, SmartThings’ general cloud dependence can be a problem, because the ST cloud can go down for various reasons.

Also from what I’ve read here, the ST hub doesn’t really play nicely as a secondary z-wave controller.


One hub has to be primary and one secondary correct? They cannot run parallel to one another, and work in conjunction?

Sorry, I’m new!

I have a 100+ devices and here is how much bandwidth I use over a month. I wouldn’t worry about bandwidth as much as I would internet stability.


Yes, there can only be one primary, and then unfortunately smartthings just doesn’t play well with others, whether it is in the primary or the secondary role.

Some people have set it up as a secondary, but it never works quite the way you would expect it to. You just have to see if it meets your specific needs. And support won’t help you if you do set it up as a secondary, they strongly discourage that practice

What specifically were you hoping to accomplish by adding smartthings into the mix?

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Everything I own electronics wise is Samsung and I have liked them so far. I planned on doing all appliances as Samsung, so I figured it would mesh better and more seamlessly if I kept it all Samsung and ST. The internet dependency is the only thing that really turns me off about it