Vera lite as secondary controller in another location

I’ve got an ST hub at home, and a Vera Lite at my parents’…

Is there any way of making them talk to each other? Mainly to share users… and have hello home actions take place remotely?

Thinking about “When X and Y users leave Location 2 (Vera), if it’s winter, turn on heat on location 1 (ST)” or something along those lines…

Ideas, thoughts, opinions? Oh yeah… I’d love to get a second ST hub and make things a lot easier, BUT I live in Sunny Spain… Europe… no ST for now except for Kickstarters… why didn’t I get a second hub then???

You can do this indirectly by having vera send an email to IFTTT as the “THIS” to the SmartThings “THAT.” This is called a “man in the middle” approach.

But since Vera doesn’t have an IFTTT channel, I don’t think you can go the other way.

Also, the ST channel is limited to basic functions, but you can use it to turn on a virtual switch which then triggers mode changes or Hello Home Actions.