Vera brand Temp/motion/light sensor not updating data

I purchased 2 slim multi sensor psp01 sensors last week made by Vera. I got the first one connected to ST easy and the motion detection seems to work fine but I cannot get the temp or Illumination data to show up in the ST app.

For motion I installed an app (forget exact name) do I need to install an app for the temp too? I do not have a thermostat and not needing it to control anything but want the temp/Illumination data anyway.

I click on the device in the ST app and it shows hyphens instead of values and a configure button. Pressing configure does nothing. Also is there anything related to the fact they were made by Vera? They seems to be pretty straight forward Zwave devices.

Thank you.

Woah. Someone else who got in on that clearance sale last week. I also got two of those sensors. It detected mine as an Aeon Labs multi sensor and I have temperature and illumination but no motion. I’d love to hear a ST rep on how to configure this correctly.

These devices are not officially supported by SmartThings, so it’s up to those who chose to purchase them to edit/create a devicetype to get get them to work with SmartThings correctly. Is the the best place to start to get this going.

I awoke to it displaying temp lux and motion however it hasn’t updated since 5 hours ago. If it works once why won’t it work all the time.

Thats normally an indicator of a range issue. 900mhz like 2.4ghz is unregulated in the US so lots of things can interfere with devices in that spectrum. If I assume there is not an interference issue, most zwave devices can be configured to update at certain intervals. ST does this in the devicetype for certain devices, so it is also possible since it’s vera branded it may simply of configured right to update smartthings. If this is the issue it would take some tweaking of a devicetype to make the 2 play well.

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