Venstar Colortouch Support

Can we get support for this thermostat? for 3rd party API info. I would love to be able to use this with my Smartthings. I have had it for some time now. Proximity control and things like a window opens turn off AC would be awesome.

Those looks nice. It is good they have an API - maybe someone from the community will get to this first. That’s the power of our open platform.

The Venstar API is local only. Unfortunately, I have been unable to use the http calls in the IDE to communicate directly to anything on my LAN.

I know the docs mention setting up a LAN based device for REST based commands, but without any real world examples it’s looking pretty Greek to me.

I have this working using HAM Bridge and the following:

curl --data "mode=1&fan=0&heattemp=50&cooltemp=78"

Unfortunately, I have yet to do a successful POST from sendHubCommand. I have made numerous posts requesting help but they have been ignored.