valueTile text alignment off center when mixed with standardTiles?

I’ve noticed that if I’m mixing valueTiles and standardTiles, text inside of valueTiles will not properly center on itself but instead will align to where text would be in the adjacent standardTile.

At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong, but I noticed the same behavior in the official ecobee device type.

Does anyone know if this is a known problem? Or is it an Android only problem like the two line text thing?

I think this topic may reference the problem too, I had issues with some value tiles being completely blanked when I was mixing them with standardTiles. The order I placed the tiles seemed to change what was affected.

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@swap-file - The issue has been reported many times but ST just ignores it. Not sure how many, but I believe several revisions have been released since it was first reported. How hard can it be to fix? Maybe they just consider it low on priority…

Here is another example on a DTH I was working on…

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Yep, been like this for a while. There are several other display issues with device handlers that have never been addressed.

I’m only slightly over a week into owning a Smartthings hub, so I kinda assumed I’d be the one screwing up, not finding bugs.

Is there any type of wiki, list or catalog of known quirks? The official documentation doesn’t really have errata listed, and searching the forums doesn’t always pull up answers.

There’s an unofficial list on Wiki…

but, frankly, it’s really, really, really, not the Community’s job to track known bugs.