Vacation Lights + Harmony

I modified my modified Vacation Lights from @tslagle13 to include starting a selected Harmony activity when the SmartApp starts, end end the activity when the SmartApp ends. The idea is to have the radio or TV playing during the time when the SmartApp is randomly turning lights on and off. I am using the Harmony Beta code with a Harmony Smart Control hub.

The modifications I made to a previous version of Vacation Lights were to

  1. Make it behave the way I expected, i.e. only run during the start and end times, and not at any other time.
  2. Removed the presence, as I use modes to manage that
  3. Added support for selecting a Harmony Hub and Harmony activity.

If there’s interest, I can share the code. I guess you have to be using the Harmony cloud-to-cloud beta for this to work.

@Ron might be interested in seeing the code.

Thanks @joshua_lyon I would like to see the code you wrote @Dan999

I have not had a chance to try to write my smart app yet. I want to write an app which links virtual buttons to activities so I can issue them from ST or from Amazon Echo.

The code is posted at

I think that what you want to do, may already be possible with the “Trigger Logitech Harmony Activities” SmartApp in the SmartThings Labs section. That’s where I found the code to grab the activities from the hub.