Vacation advice needed

For our next vacation we are looking someone let our dog out several times a day. What strategy should I use to keep track of the house with SmartThings? I have Arlo cameras, door sensors,etc

Previous trips I had vacation mode set up, but it basically triggered Smart Home Monitor “silent alarm” to me every time they entered to let dog out. This was too much, I got too many videos on Arlo and too many notifications, constantly turning SHM off and on.

-I have “vacation lights” set up in core to simulate evening lighting routine, currently keyed off of “vacation mode”
-Vacation mode currently arms SHM
-All Arlos record on motion detect.

-one still picture from backyard Arlo (still not possible?) via text/push when back door opens, this will let me know the dog is being let out as planned
-make sure doors are not left open
-no SHM alarms going off 3 times per day
-full alarm/arlo recording active at night after dog walker is done, i will have to switch my auto arm CoRE to not execute routines which change modes (want to stay in vacation mode so vacation lights work).

All the routine/mode/script interactions get so complicated, they are doomed to fail unless I stay up 3 days/nights to test it all out :confounded:

Do you have a smart door lock?

No smart door lock, I don’t trust any system with the keys to my house yet.

hmm, you could buy the SmartThings presence sensor and put it on the key ring with the house key.

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My advice as well.