V3 hub won't connect to same SSID and password

I have an Aeotec hub that I have used for my rental property without issue. I’ve now moved it back home and have set up a guest network with the same SSID and pw as I had for the rental property. It won’t connect and has the blinking blue light on. Any ideas what the problem is?

Your hub is offline (Solid or Blinking blue LED)

If you find that your hub went offline and stopped responding (with the LED indicator as a solid or blinking blue color), follow these troubleshooting steps:

Power cycle your Aeotec Smart Home Hub
Ensure that WiFi or Ethernet cable is connected and working
Reboot your router and modem
Confirm and ensure that all these ports are open
Ensure that the WiFi router does not have any special network settings that might restrict the hub.