V2 & v3 compatibility

Hi, new to the forum so apologies if i have posted this incorrectly.

I am looking for some information regarding the v2 & v3 hubs/ devices.

What I want to know is if I am to buy the new v3 Hub would I be able to use the v2 devices i.e (presence sensor) with it?

Thanks, David.

The good news is that both v3 devices are cross-compatible; you can use any SmartThings devices on either hub. There are some Zigbee 3 feartures not available on the v2 hub, but at the moment it doesn’t affect device compatibility.

My background is that I very recently completed a v2 to v3 hub migration. I previously had v3 devices on my v2 hub, and all of my older devices moved over successfully to v3.

Thanks for the reply.

Thats good news as the v3 Hub is cheaper at the moment. I will then be going for a v3 Hub and will be getting the v3 smart button and v2 presence sensor to add to my smart setup.

Cheers, David.

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