V2 USB ports

(might be my fake name?) #1

I recently got a new cable box that does not have a digital clock. I want to use the USB port on the back of my V2 hub for a small digital clock. With this overheat the hub? @slagle, will damage my hub? Anybody else using these USB ports for anything? Thank you.

This is the clock

(Ricci Hoffer) #2

I am currently powering 2 Blink camera sync modules from them. There has been no noticible heat increase or any problems from it. The Blink technical specifications do not state the actual power useage of them though.

(Bob) #3

Ah ha.
Didn’t realise that the usb ports were enabled in any way. Just assumed they were ‘dumb’ and could not be used.

(Ricci Hoffer) #4

I would still call them ‘dumb’ as they don’t do anything but pass power. Saves a mains plug filled with yet another USB adapter.

(Wayne) #5

I’ve had an echo dot powered off mine for a few weeks before I moved it.

(Robin) #6

Ahhhh… this could be handy!

Always thought they were unpowered and somehow isolated.

Wounder if ST will ever turn them on for anything more functional? Though I can’t think of much use for them except maybe an external wifi card or IR transmitter.

Same for Bluetooth? PC control anyone? Cut out the harmony middleman!

(Scott Grayban) #7

Sure would be a cool spot for 3G/4G fallover!