v2 + USB port + Insteon USB? (Or other adapters?)

OK, so I know that no one has done anything with the USB port yet (as far as I know) on the v2 hub. However, is it even technically possible to eventually, possibly, maybe use something like the Insteon USB adapter with the v2? As I understand, the USB adapter is pretty much just the radio and not a full controller? I’m just curious what all the coders and hackers the forum here think. I don’t really seeing anything from a developer point of view on how to address the USB port.

Insteon USB adapter

Note - this isn’t a bash ST regarding hub v2 issues. There are plenty of other threads for that. This is really talking about how the USB might be used and hypotheticals. You know, have fun! :slight_smile:


I would sooooo squeeeeeeee if this was a viable path to ceiling fan control.