v2 Presence Sensor Issues

I recently received the v2 Presence Sensor because v1 was physically broken.
Anyway, I see the presence sensor under the Things category in the app. But, I don’t see the presence sensor registered in the Home & Family category.
v1 worked well and was displayed in bot categories. I’ve uninstalled the app several times, rebooted the v1 hub several times and end rebooted my modem and wireless router.
I’m all out of ideas. A
Any idea why this is happening?

@cathyth3, you still have the Home & Family Dashboard, lucky you (assume you’re a hub v1 user, or not for some lucky few…)! Tap on that gear in the upper right (next to Home & Family), on the next page that comes up tap “Add a person, pet, or car”. Everything else from there is self explanatory.

As a heads up, the only difference between the v1 and v2 presence sensors are the plastics, all the electronics are the same. Weird, i know.

Now I feel a little dumb. I had forgotten about that gear in H&F!!
Thanks @johnconstantelo for pointing it out!

Everything is working fine now.

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Ha! No worries at all @cathyth3. Glad I could help.