V2 Hub as listed device?

Forgive what I feel is a noob question. I could have sworn that at some point in time I had seen my V2 hub listed in my device list but very well could be wrong. So my questions are

  • Can the V2 hub be listed as a device in the classic app? And if so how?
  • And if not, why wouldn’t that have been an option? Figuring that some data from it is valuable such as online/offline etc?

It all boils down to losing power a few times this week and looking for ways to deal with that through webcore and data mining.

Delete if this has been covered before, searched for a related topic but no avail.

I believe that the answer is: no.

In Classic yuu can find info about your Hub in left side-nav (left hamburger menu).

Why does SmartThings do or do not do anything? :confused:.

Classic App won’t receive any more updates. So just appreciate the behavior you desire is in the New App… Unless they remove it without any explanation.

Thank you for the reply! Yeah I had seen the hub in the new app but it still doesn’t list any events like connection status historically for the device.

For now I have made a work around using webcore and triggering off of other devices’s status coming online to notify as possible power failure.

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