V1 Hub not responding

My V1 Hub says inactive in the ide but responds to ping.

When I open the app it displays all things and smart apps but any action is simply ignored by the hub.

Nothing displays in the live logging.

I tried unplug/plug and reset from the ide.

What is going one ?

Looks like you have company:

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I spend WAY TOO MUCH time debugging these hubs !!!

Hub returned after unplugging it 5 times. Did nothing else.

Strange part was app reported that the hub “was back online and things should work now” but while using it nothing was reported. So I would turn off a switch in the app and the status would change in the app but nothing would happen. No errors displayed in the app at all, no messages that the hub was offline. But after figuring out the hub was hosed and getting it working again the app displays a message. That’s crazy !

This app reports errors that don’t exist all day long but when the hub is offline it remains silent :joy: