"v1/devicegroups" doesn't work in API anymore?

For years, I’ve been issueing API calls to:

Now, I see that while the “devices” entry point still works fine, suddenly the “devicegroups” no longer works!

Is there a new way to get devicegroup information?

I believe you can add a parameter to the /devices can to very different device types including groups. I don’t recall the syntax offhand, but if you use developer mode on a browser and request groups in the API Browser+, you’ll see the call.

I never use v1/ in the path as I’ve found it can break things, and because the Core SDK and CLI bods never use it. /devicegroups certainly still works for me without it. I can’t test with it at the moment. Update: but I can now and all is well.

Likewise I only use version numbers in the accept header where I need one of the date based version numbers. I think there maybe one case where I needed v1 in this situation but I’d have to trawl for it.

You can use includeGroups=true to include the GROUP devices in the /devices listing which excludes them by default.

/devicegroups is complementary to /devices and covers the extra handling that groups need on top of the common device handling (similarly you get /hubdevices, /virtualdevices and, it would appear, /irdevices). So depending on what you are doing you may need both.

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This works just great! It also means I have one fewer interactions with the SmartThings server and thus my app works faster! Thanks a lot for the info!

(Sorry it took me a while to respond. I needed to take a sudden trip, but I tried this the time I got back.)