UWP + SmartThings?

  1. Is it possible to create one’s own Universal Windows Platform application with SmartThings integration?(be able to manage one’s Things within this UWP app)
  2. If this app is possible, could it be accessed by multiple people without them having to log-in in any way? (app opens and they can activate Things through this app just by opening it up)


The closest thing I can offer at the moment is browser based client SmartTiles

If you are saying you want to develop your own UWP app, yes, this is possible. The most common integration approach is to develop a Web Service SmartApp and then call those HTTP end points in your custom developed UWP app:

You would need to login to SmartThings via your UWP app at least once (eg. perform the OAuth authorization), but you could store the bearer token in the app and continue to use it until it expires (currently multiple years, but I expect this to get ‘fixed’ at some point).

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