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Utilizing the Pearl Thermostat with Smartthings

(Raj) #21

Anyway you guys able to set display always on without a touch? At least current temp display would have been awesome.

(Raj) #22

Got this reply from their support.

In order for the display on the Pearl to remain lit you will need to have a common wire (C terminal) present at the thermostat.

(Pavel K) #23

Hi guys,
i got this thermostat working with smartthings, but UI
those sliders is pissing me off(so mad)
really hard to set a temperature using sliders.

Does anyone know if there’s a custom handler that can be modified to use buttons?

(Ryan) #24

I’m sure there’s a custom handler someplace, but if you use ActionTiles there are simple +/- buttons. I know this’s doesn’t help you for the standard ST app, but it is a work around…

(Pavel K) #25

i was looking at this thread Centralite HA Thermostat
but it’s for HA Thermostat,
if you look at the picture some one posted
they have up/down arrows(buttons) next to temp.
was hoping implement to Pearl-touchscreen thermostat.

Or someone already did?

(Pavel K) #26

Finally, bite a bullet and changed Device handler to somewhat match Centralite HA thermostat,
at least i have a arrows.

for some reason, iphone and android have different formatting, and not sure how to fix it,
but if anyone interested, i can share my code.

This is Before on Android:


(Raj) #27

This now suddenly appeared as arrow to increase/decrease temperature which is much better. I did not have to manually update anything. Its nice now with each click temp can be changed.

(Pavel K) #28

which model do you have anyway can you upload a picture?

(Raj) #29

Here are the pics

(Pavel K) #30

Thanks Raj,
i got update Yesterday as well.
Looks good, except i left mine with my custom UI.
They replaced sliders.


Is there a DTH for these things? I bought one a while back and was never able to get it to connect.


You should be able to just use the Centralite thermostat DTH. I got one for Christmas and that’s what I’ve been using since day 1 and it’s worked like a charm. Are you able to connect it and just having issues with the DTH or haven’t been able to connect it?


Would you by chance have a link to the DTH? I have been reading through the threads and can’t seem to find the code for it.


It’s already in smartthings. You don’t have to add your own DTH.


I must be missing something. When I attempt to add it using the ST App, there is no Centralite Thermostat available in the menu.


Well you can go here and get the code that’s official from smartthings. It should automatically be available for you to use, not sure why you’re not seeing it though. I’ve double checked to make sure i didn’t add it myself and it’s not a self published dth but it’s not.


Thank you so much. I’ve been ripping my hair out looking for that. For some reason the only options I am given under thermostats are 2Gig, ecobee, Fidure, Honeywell, Leviton and Zen. Can’t wait to finally get this thing installed.


Anyone know what this error is when attempting to install the DTH? Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: f1746ae6-3eb1-4af7-89b7-3ff18bac1183


I agree with Robert. You should not need any additional DTH besides the one that comes built in with smarththings app. I just installed one yesterday and it connected fine without any issue. Go to ‘add a thing’ on ST app, but don’t hit ‘Add device manually’ button. let ST discover the device itself. If you still can’t see it, then either your thermostat is faulty or you have not activated programming mode 12 properly on the thermostat. Turning on the discover network mode on thermostat is a little tricky though.


I will give it another go. May have to exchange it for a replacement. Thank you both for the feedback.