USNAP Zigbee device CT30 Thermostat


Anyone here using the USNAP Zigbee in a CT30? Does it need a custom device type? I am not seeing a generic Zigbee thermostat device. Also not having any luck finding the manual for the zigbee module. All i can find is the Zwave version.

(Scott G) #2

You can try the Fidure devicetype. That’s the first and only zigbee thermostat on ST (to my knowledge). You might want to write your own devicetype if you know how. It’s says that it conforms to the HA profile, and you can get that spec from


Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried the Fidure device type nothing is showing up. The usnap paired as a “Thing” and I manually set the device type to Fidure in the IDE but nothing seems to be showing up. I think a custom device type is in order. I am not having any luck finding the zigbee information for this device.

(Robert Willis) #4

I’m trying the same thing. Has anyone gotten this to work? Thanks.

(John Smith) #5

Anyone get this to work? I have the same one and I’d hate to replace because it’s the wrong module and only supported in Z-Wave… It looks like to replace the Zigbee module with Z-Wave costs about $26