Using Yo+Pebble to open my garage

I’d like to use the YO app through Pebble to open/close my garage. The only issue is that IFTTT doesn’t see my MyQ Garage doors as an option. Anyway that this could change?

Are you on Android or iOS?

I use a tasker task along with Pebble Tasker to perform a few different ST tasks. Works great for me.

For example, to open my garage, I hit the bottom button to launch PebbleTasker from within Glance. This brings up a menu with three options:

Audio -->
Call -->
SmartThings -->

Hit the bottom button again to bring up the ST submenu:

Door Lock
Garage Door
Laptop Plug

Then hit the middle button to open/close the garage door.

I should have updated this shortly after. It works. All I needed was to update my Smartthings channel to add my garage doors to the selections. Also, I’m on iOS.

what is the step by step to control my garage door with my pebble

As long as Smartthings recognizes your garage door as a switch, then it’s a matter of setting it up in IFTTT. Once you register for the account and activate the Smartthings channel it’s a matter of doing the same for Yo. Then set it up to be IF THIS - Text YO to IFTTT, then THAT open/close your garage.