Using Xiaomi Smart Wireless Switch to toggle 3 way?


Hi, I would like to toggle some Wemo Bulbs between off/50%/100% then cycle back again on each press of the Xiaomi Wireless Switch.

Can you clever people tell me which app I can use to make this happen please?

Thanks in advance

(Ron Talley) #2

I am sure there are other cleaner ways but this is how I would do it.


If switch is pressed
Bulb is between 0 and 49
Set to 50

If switch is pressed
Bulb is 50
Bulb is between 51 and 99
Set to 100

If switch is pressed
Bulb is 100
Set to 0


Thanks. What would be the logic if I want to go step up and then down off->50%->100%->50%->0?

0 can go to 50%, 100% can go to 50%, but when at 50% how to configure rising or falling next step?

(Pizzinini) #4

how about you use 0 -> 49 -> 100 -> 51 -> 0? THis way you know where in the cycle you are? You will not notice a difference in brightness between 49 and 51.


Great - will give that a try. In fact I might do it in 20% or 33% steps.