Using Xbee with XCTU

Hi I use Xbee repeaters and also Samsung smartplugs outlets as repeaters, my questions is about XCTU and xbee - I sometimes connect a repeater to the PC to check the Zigbee connections etc if I happen to lose a connection to a device, but this Xbee on the PC I use only for this action, ie most of the time it is disconnected and not powered up. The problem I have is that when it is powered up some devices bind with it, is there anyway in Xbee config to block end-point connections on this device ?

To be clear the reason I dont want the devices to bind to this is that when I disconnect it they dont rebind to another device.

Thanks for any guidance,

I am not sure you can stop any ZigBee device from binding to your XBee.

My XBee is connected to a powered hub, which is connected to my PC using a B cable. So, even if my PC is shutdown the XBee still has power. My ZigBee sensors in my office seems to always connect to XBee, in the same room.