Using webCore With virtual dimmer confusion

So I have set up a device type for a virtual dimmer and it works good. I also have webCore installed and it also work. Now what I am trying to do is create a script that allows the virtual dimmer to control the on/off and dim level of the actual light devices.

So I have set the script that if the level of the switch or the on off changes to set 2 variable for level on on off. Thats as far as I have gotten.

I am confused about how I say if the on off was chaged then check to see if the physical lights are equal to the virtual if they are do nothing if not then make them the same. Also I need to say if it was the level that changed then set the level of the physical devices to match.

/* Lighting Office VirtualDimmer All Lights                   */
/* Author     : WhitiG                                        */
/* Created    : 7/6/2017, 7:56:18 AM                          */
/* Modified   : 7/6/2017, 8:57:47 AM                          */
/* Build      : 5                                             */
/* UI version : v0.2.0ce.20170629                             */
string varTestOnOff; /* on */
integer varTestLevel; /* 65 */
end define;
test's level changes
test's switch changes
 Set variable {varTestOnOff} = test's switch;
 Set variable {varTestLevel} = test's level;
end with;
end if;
end execute;

I commend you for learning how to create your own Device Handler. You Rock!

I just use this.

I will definatly give it a try. I was able to get what I was looking for by using a virtual dimmer and then using webCore to set some rules for it.

My goal in the end was simple to have one virtual dimmer that is used with alexa and Smart Tiles to control all the lights in a room.

Your app however seems like it may be a liitle more straight forward. I will be giving it a go tonight.

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Yep, that is exactly what I use this app for.

Kitchen-Cans, Sink and Island
Vanity-His and Hers
Den-Mantel, Ceiling and Den Cans

Actually got it all installed. Works really nice.

One issue: trying to remove a group an I just get an error saying something unexpected happened.

Suggestion: With the dimmer device give the option so when the the switch is turned on you can set the associated light to go to a certain percentage level. With the Hue bulbs they come back on at the dim level they went off at. Being able to set an on level would be great. Thanks!

Oh, not my App! I just use it. However, with all my switches, GE 12K series, all of my lights come back on at the setting they were turned off at. The Virtual Switch should also remember it’s setting when it is turned off…If I wanted to automate levels, I use webCoRE.

You can say, Alexa, Set “blank” to “blank” percent.

Yeah they remeber fine. But I am thinking of ease of family use. When they turn a light on I would like to have it set to the percentage they expect. They can dim it after its on if they want.

But great app.

Unless your Device can accept a percentage without having to first turn on the light then there will be a brief moment when the lights come on then dim to the correct percentage. Not many do. However, Set to Level blah blah blah works.

I use webCoRE. The following are 3 rule examples:

This one will turn the light on at the level it was last on then dim to the correct level…
Light changes to On
Set Level to X%

This one goes straight to the level…
Blah Blah Blah happens
Using Light
Set Level to X%

I use this one to set the level for the next time the light turns on…
Light Changes to Off
Using Light
Set to X%
Turn Off

Yep. Pretty much what I am doing now.

Question: are the current files for trendsetter the ones at the top of the page?

Don’t know. Installed way back in Jan and ain’t looked back. I hardly ever update anything if it’s working and TS has worked for me from Day 1. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.