Using virtual switches rather than modes to get things local

I’m pretty sure this has been thought of before.
But I’m trying to make as many things as local as possible. With virtual switches being local, has anyone tried using these instead of modes?

An example use case being if your in away mode and internet drops and you are coming home. You open your door and your still in away mode. There is no way to get out of this mode as it’s in the cloud. What about using virtual switches to do the tasks of modes? That way it’s all local? Would this work or am I over thinking things?

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What are you going to use to trigger the change in the virtual switch? You can’t use Geo presence and you can’t use the mobile app because both of those require the cloud.

You could use a local contact sensor or motion sensor normally kept in a box so it doesn’t trigger at any other time. :thinking:

It could fit some use cases. :sunglasses:

Also remember only some virtual switches are local, not all.

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Ah yes I knew I’d missed something haha. A way to trigger it first of all before entering the house.

I thought when you creat a virtual switch they are all local? What would make one virtual switch different from the next?

The specific DTH being used. In order for a DTH to be local, it Has to have been loaded by Samsung into the firmware of the hub. So no custom code and only some DTHs. I don’t know which specific ones are local at this time, though. hopefully someone else will. :sunglasses:

This ‘livingroom occupied’ is a virtual device I created with the virtual device creator within the ST app. This runs local so I assume any virtual device created within this would all be local.

The basic idea remains sound though as the Virtual Switch is indeed more sympathetic for use in local execution. It is setting the switch in a secure way using another local device that is the issue.

The term ‘virtual switch’ can be used generically. The stock virtual switch named ‘Virtual Switch’ will run locally if it is assigned to a hub. Other ones won’t.


One I could think of is say, a Smartthings button around near your front door inside, have an automation of when you press and hold it, you turn off a virtual switch after 10 seconds, this gives you 10 seconds to do this before your triggers go off. This is completely local.

Ok, not as safe as a fully fledged alarm system but ST never is anyways, IMO you should always run a wired alarm system too. Bit doing this gives local control