Using the app, not the panel, can you add/remove a user from an ADT Smartthings hub?

Using the ST classic app or Samsung ST app, is there a way to add/remove a user from the ADT ST hub?

I used the hub and added a user with his own code and I will want to erase it 5 days later but I won’t be nearby the panel. Is there a way to do this when I am away?

Looking at the Classic App, and I am not sure it works the way I am thinking so test it before you rely on this but…

Tap the hamburger menu.
Tap manage users.
I know you can add, or remove users. As long as that user is associated with the code on the panel, you remove the user, that should remove it from the panel.


As a workaround, I have integrated Iris keypads and Z-Wave door locks to arm and disarm the system. This requires using the Lock Manager and ADT Tools 2 SmartApps.

I’m able to arm and disarm the system from codes managed by Lock Manager. However, these codes will not work with the ADT panel itself and this integration requires a working internet connection.

This works for my needs — e.g., quickly adding a dog walker code while away. This user only needs to use the door lock keypad to disarm/arm and does not need to use the ADT panel at all. Lock Manager supports per-user schedules and burn code after N uses, which is handy.

You may also consider buying an Iris 2nd generation keypad off eBay and directing these dynamic users to only use the keypad. (Keep in mind this only works if your internet connection is online.)