Using SmartThings Motion sensor to Control Cooper Aspire Switch

I installed a Cooper Aspire switch. The switch syncs with the hub and can be controlled, however, I want to trigger the switch with the motion sensor. Since the Cooper Aspire is not officially supported by SmartThings it does not have full functionality. Has anyone been able to make this switch compatible with a motion sensor?

Which exact model? Cooper manufactures several different device classes. Some integrate better with ST than others.

If you are able to turn it on and off from the ST app manually without issue then you should be able to set it up easily.

In the dashboard under lights and switches, you should be able to choose your light and then select Turn on when there is motion

It is the RF9540. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I can’t figure out how to make this switch work with the sensor. It doesn’t seem like I have any options to make the light work on motion. Any work around?

1.Go into your ST app
2.Go into lights and switches
3.Touch the gear icon
4. Is your light here? If not, add it - You can use auto-import
5.Touch the light switch
6. Choose turn on when there is motion
7. Choose your motion sensor, and set any of the optional parameters
8. Go the rest of the way through using next/done

I think this will work. Basically I didn’t understand how to use all of the functions of the ST app. However, my hub has been offline all day so I haven’t been able to test it. Thanks so much for the tips!