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Using SmartThings Hub support 3A Nue RGBW strip controller with normal RGBW led strip lights



I know you’ve been asked this before, but I need to run everything over 24v due to the load… if I feed the 3A New controller 24v, will it damage it? And will it output 24v to the strip?




Can you tell me when and where did you buy the RGBW controller? The latest one can run over 24V DC, but the previous one not. The previous one might be damaged with 24V input.




I just bought it on amazon a few days ago.


From Amazon US or AU? Please send me a photo of the packing box to have a check.


Here are the images of the box.



And this one.


Thanks. This one is fine with 24V input and the output is 24V as well.


It’s working well… Paired with ST fine with the instructions.

I tested on a smaller power supply, but I plan to run 8 of these controllers on larger 24v/15a power supplies… so I ordered some 2-wire to 5.5mm x 2.5mm barrel connectors. Instead of a power supply on each controller, I ran my wiring to a few different common areas so I can have fewer power supplies and multiple controllers.

Shadow moldings in common areas are getting just warm white (wW), movie theater will get RGBwW, and kids rooms will get RGBwW. This is a great product for much less than the fibaro and qubino controllers (I have tried them all).

Thanks Kevin

(Sam R) #72

Hey Myke! So I’ve been in the same boat as your for the last four hours but I just discovered the problem! I thought it was all programming errors but it was actually hardware. Fortunately I’ve been using SUPERNIGHT LEDs for a few years now and I know how tricky they can be. Turns out the strips are all made incorrectly, the wires never match up to other controllers. Your software and programming are probably correct, it’s just the SUPERNIGHT hardware. So you just gotta play around with the wires until it lights up. Here’s the code I cracked…
Swap the Blue and Black.
Swap Red and Green.